Monday, August 23, 2010

Yay Productivity!

After a couple days of sitting down at the computer, I managed to get all the photos that I took edited and all the items that are related to those photos listed in my Etsy store.

Next on the plate is a major redesign of my website, which I've gotten sketched out and just need to refresh my brain in the world of html and vim. Thankfully I've got my trusty copy of Unix in Nutshell and a copy of HTML in a Nutshell, both by O'Reilly publications and Google at my fingertips and if all else fails my dear friend Ducky who allows me to pick his brain when I run into a brick wall.

I've also got another round of photos that I'm getting ready to do so I can list more items that have been begging to get some of the limelight and out of their boxes.

Here's a sneak peak of a couple of the items in my Etsy store:

Spider purse:

Ring Bearer Pillow:

The rest of the items are listed here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waiting for the sun to come out..

Summer here in San Diego has been unusally cool, there was maybe two weeks of "OHMYGODITSHOT" but most of the time it's been in the mid 80's which makes it very pleasant to sit in the house and sew.

Three weeks ago my husband and I dropped both the kids at daycare and tackled the mess we call out garage. At one point to get to anything in the back of the garage you had to precariously climb over chairs, boxes, a pile of lumber, and 50 other things. Now we have a 10 x 10 space in the garage and I almost told him "Look hun! More room for fabric", but I didn't want his head to explode.

Of course now there is a pile of items outside under a tarp to be donated, but I can get to all my fabric, notions and my glorious cutting tables, which means no more bring hunched over the bed cutting things out on one of those fold up cutting boards.

Now to inventory all my things. ha!

The time after the garage cleaning found me getting ready for a Bridal show that Christal at ChristalBlu Creations & I were doing.

Let just say that we both had some great items out there, but the show itself was a total bust for all of the vendors that participated and that it ended up being a rather expensive network event for all of us.

I've just gotten all my photos up loaded and will be posting them next. Until then, the sewing goes on!