Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the urging of a couple friends I finally created a Facebook Group for my business.

I've also got a few items listed for sale in my Etsy store with more to come. I do need to get better a setup for photos.

I also decided that I need to get a couple child sized dress forms for photography of the kids clothing I've done. A few photos of the items I have done recently are below.

Boy's shirts:

Girl's dresses which also have a matching diaper cover (not shown in the photo)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Long overdue update

Life has finally slowed down enough for me to start working on this thing again. Now that my little girl is 6 months old and can be left to rolling around on the floor within eyesight for periods of time I can start working on the business again and hopefully more frequent posting.

Who knew that having two kids would be at least 5 times as much work as one!

Though with recent events, I have found time to dig out some of my unfinished projects and start working on them. I do need to get the photographed and posted on the website and my Etsy store as well. Right now there are only a few things up there for sale.

My goal in the next couple of months is to get a major inventory done of all my supplies and get everything organized so not only I can use the space in the garage, but so the husband can get started on some various woodworking projects that I have for him.

My first step was to get everything I needed to do listed and well that became 5 pages in a matter of minutes. I've since got it all in a spreadsheet and categorized, though I didn't even begin to go down the road or prioritizing everything, I'm really not that adamant about having things down to that much detail.

I've also got a commission piece that I need to finish up, which hopefully I'll have done in the next week or two at the most.