Monday, October 25, 2010

Aprons abound

This week's project is aprons for the upcoming Dark Goddess Event along with a commission job for a Pirate Jacket and hopefully the time to turn out two costumes for the Victorian Alice in Wonderland Party we're going to this weekend. Ha!

Combine that with working 40 hour per week (at my IT job), spending time with the kids and then top it off with a stack of items to package up and get to the post office I'm surprised I haven't gone nuts yet.

Actually I jest, I like staying busy, I actually start to get stir crazy if I'm not doing something after a period of time. Though there are periods where I need some down time and I probably would be more balanced if I managed my time better, though having two kids under 3 makes that a bit difficult since they're so unpredictable.

But back to aprons, if all goes well, I should have at least 5 or 6 done by Friday, maybe more and then it'll be time to dig out the dress form for some photos and get them all listed, though I doubt that will be done by Halloween. Of course if I can't get to the dress form I could always use my husband, though I don't think he'd find being used to model aprons as amusing as I would.

Until next time!

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